A selection of voxels being transformed

Select. Transform.

Select mode features lassos for marking out a voxel selection, and powerful transform tools for manipulating the selected voxels

A custom 'grass' brush being edited

Custom brushes

Transform selected voxels into a custom brush, then edit how that brush draws onto the canvas in the Brush Editor

File > export geometry submenu showing options for USDZ, OBJ, and DAE formats

Desktop Class

Export your voxel scene in a variety of formats (USDZ, OBJ, and DAE) to integrate your work into pro workflows.

Voxels – the word is a portmanteau of “volumetric pixel” – offer a medium that is at once familiar but also full of new possibilities for extending pixel art into the third dimension.

Optimized for Apple Pencil

Use Apple Pencil to draw fluid brush strokes using a rich palette of brushes. Extend that palette by creating and editing your own brushes. Each stroke can either add new voxels to the scene, paint existing voxels, or remove voxels, so that your Pencil acts as a chisel or a lathe as well as a brush.

Fully configurable

Edit the materials of the voxels you draw, changing their colour, or other material properties to create effects such as emissive glowing. Select persona allows you to select groups of voxels using a set of lassos and manipulate the selection in various ways, moving, scaling, or rotating the selected voxels, or transforming them into a custom brush.

Pro workflows

AR mode allows you to view and edit your scene in Augmented Reality. A set of import and export tools allow you to integrate your Voxel Brush scenes into 3D workflows. Import Magic Voxel files, and export geometry as USDZ, OBJ or DAE.

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