Out now on iOS!

  • Go head-to-head on one device

  • Oodles of pickups

  • Weapons interact with the geometry of the maze

Beware the Banjax

Go head-to-head with your friends — on the same device!

The incredible split-screen mode allows two players to battle it out on the same device, for unrivalled frag-em-up intensity.

Two tankbots, ever-changing arenas, oodles of pickups.

Beware the Banjax.


  • Two players on one device with head-to-head split-screen mode!
  • Game centre leaderboards, and achievements
  • One-player mode against deadly AI
  • Pickups that equip your tankbot with bouncing bombs, homing missiles, or reflecting lasers
  • Procedurally-generated arenas ensure no two games are the same
  • Turn on "friendly fire" for a greater challenge and a higher score
  • Highly customizable: twin-sticks, move and look around on a single stick, or hybrid mode with a single stick pus swipe to look around when you need to strafe
  • Multiple camera views: first-person, overhead, or over-the shoulder
  • Universal: for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2nd gen, iPod Touch 6th gen recommended.
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